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HEAL 150: Contemporary Health: Current Issues Article Assignment

Current Health Issues Article Presentation

This tab is intended to help you as you work on your Current Health Issues Article Presentation, worth 10% of your grade for Professor Bollinger.

  • Students will research and present a recently published health article in class.
  • Presentation topics will be assigned based on your textbook's chapters.
    • You can look for a more specific idea within your topic.
  • When your article is approved today:
    • Print a copy of your article to hand in to Professor Bollinger today!
    • Write your name at the top of the article.
    • Write your chapter/topic on top of the article.
    • Print a separate copy for yourself or email yourself a link to the article.

The Perfect Article...

Internet Research

The Internet is a great place to look for up-to-the-minute health news.

Just be cautious when researching a health topic on Google or another search engine:

  1. Always check the reliability of the website: Where are they getting their information? Do they link back to original sources?
  2. Always check the reliability of the article's author(s): Is he/she a credentialed journalist or health expert? Better yet, is he/she a nurse or doctor?
  3. Always check the facts: Are there links to take you back to the original source? Do they refer to a study or research that was done by a valid group? Could you run another search on the Internet to verify that information in the article?
  4. Check the date: For your assignment, the article should have been published in the past year.

Helpful Tips

If you are only seeing previews or are asked to pay for an article:

Check to see if the library has access to it using:

If the library doesn't have the article, try opening a new incognito or private window and copying and pasting the url of the article there. 



If the article will not print from a website cleanly, try using the Print Friendly and PDF tool at You may be able to remove or delete unwanted advertisements and messy formatting, leaving only the text of the article.


Sample Article


Article Information: Dennis, B. (2016, January 25.) Heart attacks in women can be different – and more deadly – than in men. The Washington Post.  Retrieved from