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Open Access and Free Resources!: STEM Simulations & Virtual Labs

Providing students with free and open access resources.

The librarians will post online STEM simulations, virtual labs, and demonstrations here. Please note access availability varies for these resources. Some may be available only during the pandemic while others may be permanently available.  

Please note that this is not an endorsement of these resources, simply a compilation. 

STEM Simulations, Virtual Labs, & Demonstrations

Molecular Workbench - Provides visual and interactive simulations that can be shared and embedded right within your class. They offer these simulations for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. To use:

  • Click on the Interactivities link on the top.
  • Click on the topic and then select a model.
  • The model will appear and if you click on share a link will appear that you can share in your courses.
  • You can also try activities which include Interactivities along with videos, text and assessments.
  • For Activities just click the link at the top. Then browse the topics and select one. Then copy the link in the URL bar into your class.


NEJM Videos in Clinical Medicine -  The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) has a selection of free Videos in Clinical Medicine to assist medical professionals during the coronavirus pandemic. The videos will be freely available on only for the duration of the outbreak. View the complete list of these procedural training videos. 


Phet Interactive Simulations - Offers interactive simulations for Science and Math by the University of Colorado Boulder. They are OER and if used need to be attributed. More information can be found here. To use:

  • Hoover over the Simulations link at the top.
  • You can either search by subject or you can select Grade Level and then University.
  • Searching either way will provide simulations you can search through. Once you find one click on it.
  • There is a play button in the middle. Click on it to play the simulation. 
  • To add the simulation to your class copy the URL in the address bar or click on the embed button and copy the information. Then post that in your class.


Science - Gale in Context - (one our library databases) has made over 325 simulations more visible on portal pages and in search results. To search for them directly:

  • Use the advanced search to enter your keywords.
  • Choose simulations under content type.
  • You can filter the results further by topic or search within the results.


BioInteractive - brings real life science stories and data to students in the classroom. To search 

  • Go to classroom resources
  • Select college level
  • You can select the type of resource you want, topic or search by keyword
  • You can also select planning tools for more resources



For More Resources

Online Resources for Science Laboratories (POD) - Remote Teaching: All Resources - this Google document is continually being updated with new STEM resources. Please note that it also includes other general resources for remote learning.