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PSYC: Psychology: Finding Books

This guide is intended to help students with research assignments about psychology.

Learn how to find psychology books in the library's collections, including the DSM-5 and APA citation manual. See our suggestions of psychology books to use. 

Request Items from Our Collections

Our Library to Go and Library to Go PLUS service for students, faculty, and staff lets you request items from our physical collections for UPS delivery or campus pickup. Portions of library materials may be scanned for email delivery. 

Search SpartaCat or work with a librarian to find items. Once you know which items you need, submit your request.

Using the Library Catalog: Overview

SpartaCat, the NCC Library Catalog, is an online tool that allows you to search for items owned by the Library. This includes books, e-books, encyclopedias, streaming videos, audiobooks, print periodicals, and more.

You have the option of performing many different searches within the library catalog:


Basic Searching in SpartaCat

Keyword: If you are looking for a general topic (like "global warming"), it is best to start here. It will search the title, summary, table of contents, and publication information of each of our books and items for the word or phrase you enter.

Author: If you are looking for books by a specific person, search using this. For example, if you want to find books by Edgar Allan Poe, enter his name like this: Poe, Edgar Allan.

Title: If you know the specific title of a work, choose this option.

Subject: Search the Subject Headings list. These are like #hashtags. They are the main word or phrase used to catalog the book and reflect what it is about, but they may not appear in the title, summary, table of contents, or publication information the way a keyword would.

While these are the most popular, basic types of searches, you could use one of the other options listed (ISBN, Genre, Series Title, Call Number, or Periodical Title) if it fits your needs.


Finding Books in the Library Collections:

Disclaimer: For the Fall 2020 semester, items are only available by Library to Go request for campus pickup or UPS delivery. Our physical collections are not accessible to the public. 

To find books on our shelves, you will need to know the call number and shelf location of the book. It is also helpful to know it's status. You can find this information by clicking on an item in your results list to view its details. image of item location information in SpartaCat

Common shelf locations for library materials:           

Stacks: The largest collection on the Bethlehem campus library's main floor.
Monroe: Items are at the ESSA Bank & Trust Foundation Library at Monroe campus.            
Reference: An area for multi-volume encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks. These books can only be used in the library, they cannot be checked out or borrowed.

Media Tower: Item is a DVD, VHS, or CD (although children's and young adult materials are in this location too) in the Bethlehem campus library.   
Online: Digitial e-Book or streaming video viewed by clicking the access link.            
New Books: A special section of the Libraries for recent additions to our collection.

Browsing: An area in the Bethlehem campus library for popular fiction and nonfiction titles and bestsellers.


Common statuses for library items:

On Shelf: the item is available or on the shelf. 
Due xx/xx/xxxx: the item is currently checked out and loaned to someone else. 

Circulation Desk - Main Campus: the item is currently on reserve and may be in-library use only, have a shorter loan period, or have other restrictions.
Monroe Reserve Desk:
the item is currently on reserve and may be in-library use only, have a shorter loan period, or have other restrictions.

SpartaCat Video Tutorial



The DSM-5 is the 5th edition of the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, updated and published in 2013.

This manual is published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). 

The APA is the group that is responsible for setting standards and measurements around how mental illnesses are diagnosed by psychologists and psychiatrists.

This is the book by which experts in the psychology field diagnose and classify people with disorders. 

Contents of the DSM-5

Section 1.
DSM-5 basics. Introduction -- Use of the manual -- Cautionary statement for forensic use of DSM-5 

Section 2.
Diagnostic criteria and codes. Neurodevelopmental disorders -- Schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders -- Bipolar and related disorders -- Depressive disorders -- Anxiety disorders -- Obsessive-compulsive and related disorders -- Trauma- and stressor-related disorders -- Dissociative disorders -- Somatic symptom and related disorders -- Feeding and eating disorders -- Elimination disorders -- Sleep-wake disorders -- Sexual dysfunctions -- Gender dysphoria -- Disruptive, impulse-control, and conduct disorders -- Substance-related and addictive disorders -- Neurocognitive disorders -- Personality disorders -- Paraphilic disorders -- Other mental disorders -- Medication-induced movement disorders and other adverse effect of medication -- Other conditions that may be a focus of clinical attention 

Section 3.
Emerging measures and models. Assessment measures -- Cultural formulation -- Alternative DSM-5 Model for Personality Disorders -- Conditions for further study 

Highlights of changes from DSM-IV to DSM-5 -- Glossary of technical terms -- Glossary of cultural concepts of distress -- Alphabetical listing of DSM-5 diagnoses and codes (ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM) -- Numerical listing of DSM-5 diagnoses and codes (ICD-9-CM) -- Numerical listing of DSM-5 diagnoses and codes (ICD-10-CM) -- DSM-5 advisors and other contributors.

Supplemental Material to the DSM-V

These books can be found in the libraries and are meant as companions to the DSM-V.

Understanding Mental Disorders: your guide to DSM-5

Call Number: RC467 .U52 2015
Publication Date: 2015

DSM-5® Clinical Cases

Call Number: RC473 .D54 D76 2014 
Publication Date: 2014
Locations: Bethlehem & Monroe (Stacks)

DSM-5® Guidebook

Call Number: RC455.2 .C4 D55 2014
Publication Date: 2014

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

Published by the American Psychological Association, the 'Publication Manual' is specifically designed to help writers, editors, students, and educators in the behavioral sciences and social sciences working with APA style.

An updated 7th edition was published in 2019. Check with your professor to see which edition they would like you to use.

For more help with APA citations and formatting, see the Citing Sources tab of this guide. 

Spotlight on Psychology Reference Books

The NCC Library Reference Collection contains specialized books that can only be used in our library. These books include dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, and more. They provide basic facts, background information, overviews, and summaries, which are useful for starting your research. You can make photocopies, or use our free BookScan machine to make digital copies of any pages you need.

Abuse: an encyclopedia of causes, consequences, and treatments

Call Number: HV6625 .A28 2015 
Publication Date: 2015
Locations: Bethlehem Reference, Monroe Reference

Addictions, Substance Abuse & Alcoholism

Call Number: RC564 .A356 2018 (2 vols.)
Publication Date: 2018

APA Dictionary of Psychology

Call Number: BF31 .A65 2015
Publication Date: 2015

APA Dictionary of Statistics and Research Methods

Call Number: BF76.5 .A7263 2014
Publication Date: 2013

Community & Family Health Issues : An Encyclopedia of Trends, Conditions & Treatments

Call Number: RA418.5 .F3 C66 2017 (3 vols.)
Publication Date: 2017

The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology

Call Number: BF31 .E52 2010 (4 vols.)
Publication Date: 2010

Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology

Call Number: LB1050.9 .E63 2008 (2 vols.)
Publication Date: 2008

Encyclopedia of Play in Today's Society

Call Number: GV11 .E555 2009 (2 vols.)
Publication Date: 2009

Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreams

Call Number: QP425 .E53 2012 (2 vols.)
Publication Date: 2012

Encyclopedia of the Mind

Call Number: BF441 .E53 2013 (2 vols.)
Publication Date: 2013

Handbook of Child Psychology

Call Number: BF721 .H242 2006 (4 vols.) 
Publication Date: 2006
Location: Bethlehem Reference

Mental Health and Mental Disorders: An Encyclopedia of Conditions, Treatments, and Well-being

Call Number: RC437 .M47 2016 (3 vols) 
Publication Date: 2016
Location: Bethlehem Reference

Psychology and Behavioral Health

Call Number: BF636 .P86 2015 (5 vols) 
Publication Date: 2015

Women's Health

Call Number: RA564.85 .W664 2019 (2 vols.)
Publication Date: 2019