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Women's and Gender Studies: About this Guide

This guide is intended to help students taking classes in the Women's & Gender Studies concentration.

This research guide is intended for students in courses related to women's and gender studies. You will learn about the library resources that are available to you for your research. Explore these library resources by clicking on the various tabs. 

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Women’s and Gender Studies Courses & Related Research Guides

NCC offers a concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies. Courses that count towards this concentration include:

  • ENGL 257 20th Century Literature by Women: Self-Images and Self-Awareness (Cr3)(3:0) A sophomore-level study of 20th century literature by women through works by major authors of the time, specifically focusing on the written images these authors created of women, and their search for self-awareness in various cultures. Prereq. - ENGL 151.
  • HUMA 140 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (Cr3)(3:0) An interdisciplinary introduction to Women's Studies using art, film, history, literature and music. Prereq. - ENGL 101.
  • POLS 205 Women and Politics  (Cr3)(3:0) This course explores women's quest for political equality in the U.S. and globally.  It examines the social, cultural and economic factors affecting women's political power.  The course also surveys contemporary global issues and their impact on the status of women.
  • PSYC 265 Psychology of Sex and Gender (Cr3)(3:0) Students explore both human sex (the biological identification as male/female) and gender (the social/personal construct of feminine/masculine) from a psychological perspective. Students investigate the theories and research of biological, psychological, and cultural determinants.  The influence of sex and gender is examined in areas of development, aggression, achievement, communication, relationship, employment, and physical and mental health. Prereq. - PSYC 103.
  • SOCA 210 Sociology of Gender  (Cr3)(3:0) This course is an exploration of the ways in which gender influences social life, institutions, and interactions.  Students will also explore the continuing prevalence of gender, socialization, gender inequality, diverse gender experiences, and the influence of gender in major social institutions. Prereq. - SOCA 103.

The research guides for these classes may also be helpful as you work within HUMA 140. See the related guides below for more assistance: