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This Research Guide will help you find library resources in the biological sciences, including articles from scientific journals. It will also help you to identify the components of an original research article and other useful information.


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Original Research Articles

Welcome to the NCC Research Guide - Microbiology for Allied Health. In this class, you will be expected to recognize and locate original research articles. An original research article is usually based on an experiment or a study.  It can also take the form of a technical report. They are considered primary sources because the authors of the articles also conducted the research. The key factor is that new research has been done on a specific scientific topic.  The findings of the research are new.

Most original research articles follow a similar format:

1. An abstract or introduction that contains a summary of the background of the research, the methods used in conducting the research, the results of the research, and the conclusions.

This is followed by:

2. the methods or methodology used in the research

3. the results of the research

4.a discussion or conclusion of the research

Generally there are lots of graphs and statistics about the research.

5. References of articles and other sources that were used in the article.

These articles also can be long, with a minimum of six pages.  They are very technical.


Finding Original Research Articles

Use the EBSCOhost or ProQuest databases to locate a full-text article on the topic of your choice. Tip: Add the words "research or study" to your keywords to futher limit your search.

These videos can help you get started:

Finding Articles in EBSCOhost

Finding Articles in ProQuest