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ENGL 151L: Literature: Books

Need to write a research paper about a short story, poem, play, or novel? Use this guide to find library sources!

Searching for Library Books

The best way to search for literary criticism is by the author of your story, poem, novel, etc. 

Place his/her name in the Subject box, in the order of Last Name, First Name.

If you prefer to find books written by your author, then search his/her name in the Author box.

Ready to check a book out? Complete the Library to Go form. You can pick up your book(s) at either campus or have it sent to your home with UPS free of charge!

Reference books must remain in the Library but you can request copies of the pages with Library to Go PLUS.

Reference Series

The Reference sections in the Libraries are home to large series of books aimed at specific types of literary criticism. While some of these articles can be found through our online tools, many are in print only. Ask a librarian for help in searching for the title of the short story, novel, poem, etc. that you are working on:

Shorts Stories for Students
Poetry for StudentsImage result for short stories for students
Drama for Students

Short Story Criticism
Poetry Criticism
Drama Criticism

Contemporary Literary Criticism
19th Century Literature Criticism