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EDUC: Education

This guide will help you find and evaluate information on early childhood through secondary education.

What are Library Databases?

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Video: What Is a Database?

Library Databases for Education Research

These databases have collections that focus on education.

Although these databases focus on other subjects, they might also contain research related to education topics. 

Get Started!

Step 1:   Try the search terms "education" (or "secondary education", "special education", etc.) AND the topic you are researching.

   For example"early childhood education" AND "family involvement."

Step 2:   Take note of any alternate search terms as you are researching. Alternate search terms can help if you reach a dead end.

   Alternates: "elementary education" AND "parental participation"

Tip:   Always select the Full Text option, if available, by clicking in the check box:


Make Your Search Easier

Use Boolean operators in your database or Google searches to find more relevant results faster.

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