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EMEC 254: Electromechanical Technology: Databases

Use this guide to locate resources for your research paper and oral presentation in the area of electromechanical technology.

Selected Electronics Journals (available full-text)

These titles are available full-text in the ProQuest or EBSCOhost databases:

Electronic Design - ProQuest

Electronic News - ProQuest

Electro Manufacturing - EBSCOhost

Journal of Electronic Materials - ProQuest

Power Electronics Technology - EBSCOhost

Test & Measurement  World - ProQuest

Locating Articles For Your Research Paper

To locate articles on your topic, use one of these databases:

ProQuest - Science & Technology

Includes full-text science & technology journals and searchable tables & figures.


Includes full-text journals covering automation, engineering, electronics and other areas of  technology.


Possible Research Topics

  1. Robot end effectors
  2. Cartesian robots*
  3. SCARA robots*
  4. Articulating arm robots*
  5. Color sensing and sensors
  6. Industrial network security*
  7. pH probes and measurements
  8. Conductivity probes and measurements
  9. Magnetic flow meters and measurements
  10. Pressure transducers and measurements*
  11. Mass flow meters
  12. Orifice plate flow meters and measurements
  13. Industrial wireless networks*
  14. Industrial mesh networks
  15. Thermocouples
  16. Resistive Temperature Devices (RTD's)
  17. Variable Frequenct Drives (VFD's)*
  18. Step motors and controllers*
  19. Servo motors and controllers*
  20. Optical encoders
  21. Control Valves*
  22. Resolver

*This is a broad topic and should be narrowed