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CMTH 230G: Introduction to Communication Theory: Books

This guide is focused on the research assignment for CMTH230G.

Scroll below for two recommended library books that cover a variety of communication theories. See also the Primary Sources tab for specific books written by individual theorists.

Primary Sources Books

When Prophecy Fails

Cognitive Dissonance Theory: Leon Festinger

Boundaries of Privacy : dialectics of disclosure

Communication Privacy Management Theory: Sandra Petronio

Against the Mainstream: the selected works of George Gerbner

Cultivation Analysis/ Cultivation Theory: George Gerbner and Larry Gross

The Nonverbal Communication Reader

Expectancy Violations Theory: Judee Burgoon

Theorizing about Intercultural Communication

Expectancy Violations Theory: Judee Burgoon

The Interpretation of Cultures

Organizational Culture Theory: Clifford Geertz

Social Penetration: the development of interpersonal relationships

Social Penetration Theory: Irwin Altman & Dalmas Taylor


Rhetoric: Aristotle

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