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EARL: Early Childhood Education

This guide is intended for students in the Early Childhood Education program. It will help you locate children's picture books in the Library collection, and conduct research using our online databases.

Determining Age Ranges

Our catalog (SpartaCat) suggests reading levels for children's books by grade level. If you would also like to determine the suggested age range for a book, there are a couple different strategies you can use:

  1. Review the book's page on
  2. Check the website of the book's publisher (for example, Random House Children's Books).
  3. Look up the book on the Reviews page of Common Sense Media.
  4. Use a book aggregating website such as

The boxes below provide more information on these methods of determining age ranges.

Amazon - 2 Methods

There are 2 different ways to find the suggested age ranges on a book's Amazon page.

1. Amazon displays the age range, grade levels, and sometimes the Lexile Measure in the section right below the book summary.

2. Amazon's "Editorial Reviews" section sometimes displays the age ranges of books, as show below:

Read Brightly

Check out the website Read Brightly. It's a great tool to explore children's books by age and also by topic.