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EARL: Early Childhood Education

This guide is intended for use by students in the ECE program. It includes information for finding children's picture books in the Library collection. Original as published 12/2019

Picture Books about Birth/New Baby

The Berenstain Bears' New Baby

Author: Stan Berenstain & Jan Berenstain
Published: 1974
Location: Bethlehem
"Small Bear outgrows the bed his father made him when he was a baby -- and none too soon"--Publisher's description.

Hello Baby!

Author: Lizzy Rockwell
Published: 1999
Location: Bethlehem
A young boy describes how a new baby is growing inside his mommy and tells what it is like when his new sister comes home from the hospital.

The New Baby at Your House

Author: Joanna Cole; Margaret Miller (Photographs)
Published: 1998
Location: Bethlehem
Describes the activities and changes involved in having a new baby in the house and the feelings experienced by the older brothers and sisters.

On the Night You Were Born

Author: Nancy Tillman
Published: 2006
Location: Bethlehem
"The moon, wind, rain and a variety of animals celebrate the special occasion that is the birth of a child"--Publisher's description.

Peter's Chair

Author: Ezra Jack Keats
Published: 1998
Location: Bethlehem & Monroe
"When Peter discovers his blue furniture is being painted pink for a new baby sister, he rescues the last unpainted item, a chair, and runs away"--Publisher's description.

Ready, Set ... Baby!

Author: Elizabeth Rusch; Qin Leng (Illustrator)
Published: 2017
Location: Bethlehem & Monroe
"Big kids Anna and Oliver give young readers the inside scoop on what to expect when a new baby is expected."--Publisher's description.

We'll Paint the Octopus Red

Author: Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen; Pamela DeVito (Illustrator)
Published: 1998
Location: Monroe
"Emma and her father discuss what they will do when the new baby arrives, but they adjust their expectations when he is born with Down syndrome."--Publisher’s description.

When the New Baby Comes, I'm Moving Out

Author: Martha Alexander
Published: 2006
Location: Bethlehem
"Oliver is going to be a big brother, and he does not like the idea one bit"--Publisher's description.

You Were the First

Author: Stephanie Graegin (Illustrator); Patricia MacLachlan
Published: 2013
Location: Bethlehem & Monroe
"Reminds firstborn children that they will always special--even if another child or children follow--because they have been the first to do many things"--Publisher's description.

Picture Books about Growing

The Growing Story

Author: Ruth Krauss; Helen Oxenbury (Illustrator)
Published: 2007
Location: Bethlehem & Monroe
"A little boy worries throughout the summer that he's not getting bigger, but at the end of the season he tries on his winter clothes and realizes that he has grown"--Publisher's description.


Author: Alison McGhee; Peter H. Reynolds (Illustrator)
Published: 2007
Location: Bethlehem & Monroe
"A mother reflects on the all the milestones, from walking in a deep wood to holding someone else's hand, that her child will achieve during life"--Publisher's description.

Picture Books about Death

Big Cat, Little Cat

Author: Elisha Cooper
Published: 2017
Location: Bethlehem & Monroe
"There was a cat who lived alone. Until the day a new cat came . . . And so a story of friendship begins, following two cats through their days, months, and years until one day, the older cat has to go. And he doesn't come back."--Publisher's description.

Children Also Grieve

Author: Linda Goldman
Published: 2005
Location: Bethlehem
"Henry the dog explains how he felt after his human family's grandfather died, and how the children felt and worked through their feelings of grief; includes a 'memory book' for young readers who have lost someone"--Publisher's description.

The Dead Bird

Author: Margaret Wise Brown; Christian Robinson (Illustrator)
Published: 2016
Location: Bethlehem & Monroe
"One day, the children find a bird lying on its side with its eyes closed and no heartbeat. They are very sorry, so they decide to say goodbye. In the park, they dig a hole for the bird and cover it with ferns and flowers. Finally, they sing sweet songs to send the little bird on its way"--Publisher's description.

The Fall of Freddie the Leaf

Author: Leo Buscaglia
Published: 2002
Location: Bethlehem
"As Freddie experiences the changing seasons along with his companion leaves, he learns about the delicate balance between life and death"--Publisher's description.

Gentle Willow

Author: Joyce C. Mills; Cary Pillo (Illustrator)
Published: 2003
Location: Bethlehem
"Amanda the squirrel is upset that she is going to lose her friend Gentle Willow, but the tree wizards give advice that help both her and Gentle Willow accept the change that comes with death"--Publisher's description.

Help Me Say Goodbye

Author: Janis Silverman
Published: 1999
Location: Bethlehem
"An art therapy and activity book for children coping with death. Sensitive exercises address all the questions children may have during this emotional and troubling crisis. Children are encouraged to express in pictures what they are often incapable of expressing in words"--Publisher's description.


Author: Bryan Mellonie; Robert R. Ingpen (Illustrator)
Published: 1983
Location: Bethlehem
"This book provides children with a simple explanation of life and death, with illustrations about plants, animals and people"--Publisher's description.

Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs

Author: Tomie dePaola
Published: 2000
Location: Bethlehem
A small boy enjoys his relationship with his grandmother and his great-grandmother, but he learns to face their inevitable death.

Someone I Love Died

Author: Christine Harder Tangvald
Published: 2012
Location: Bethlehem
"This children's book discusses death from a Christian perspective, explaining God's plan for everlasting life. Illustrations help to guide them through this difficult time. Interactive pages encourage children to draw how they feel and allow them to process their grief in a tangible way"--Publisher's description.

Something Very Sad Happened

Author: Bonnie Zucker; Kim Fleming (Illustrator)
Published: 2016
Location: Bethlehem & Monroe
"Intended to be read to two- and three-year-old children to help them understand death and process the loss of a loved one"--Publisher's description.