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EARL: Early Childhood Education

This guide is intended for students in the Early Childhood Education program. It will help you locate children's picture books in the Library collection, and conduct research using our online databases.

About the Coretta Scott King Awards


The Coretta Scott King Book Awards are given annually to the most distinguished African American authors and illustrators of children's and young adult literature. The award honors the lives and work of Mrs. King and her husband, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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The titles in each section below are arranged in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest).  Note that the year a book is awarded is one year after the publication date.  For example, a book that came out in 2018 would be the 2019 winner.

Coretta Scott King Author & Illustrator Award Winners

The Stuff of Stars

Author: Marion Dane Bauer; Ekua Holmes (Illustrator)
Published: 2018
Location: Bethlehem & Monroe
"Before the universe was formed, before time and space existed, there was ... nothing. But then ... BANG! Stars caught fire and burned so long that they exploded, flinging stardust everywhere. And the ash of those stars turned into planets. Into our Earth. And into us... A seamless blend of science and art, this picture book reveals the composition of our world and beyond -- and how we are all the stuff of stars"--Publisher's description.

Radiant Child

Author: Javaka Steptoe
Published: 2016
Location: Bethlehem & Monroe
"Jean-Michel Basquiat and his unique, collage-style paintings rocketed to fame in the 1980s as a cultural phenomenon. But before that, he was a little boy who saw art everywhere: in poetry books and museums, in games and in the words that we speak, and in the pulsing energy of New York City."--Publisher's description

Trombone Shorty

Author: Troy Andrews; Bryan Collier (Illustrator)
Published: 2015
Location: Bethlehem & Monroe
"Hailing from the Tremâe neighborhood in New Orleans, Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews got his nickname by wielding a trombone twice as long as he was high. A prodigy, he was leading his own band by age six, and today this Grammy-nominated artist headlines the legendary New Orleans Jazz Fest"--Publisher's description.

Knock Knock: My Daddy's Dream for Me

Author: Daniel Beaty; Bryan Collier (Artist)
Published: 2013
Location: Bethlehem & Monroe
"A boy wakes up one morning to find his father gone. At first, he feels lost. But his father has left him a letter filled with advice to guide him through the times when he cannot be there."--Publisher's description.

I, Too, Am America

Author: Langston Hughes; Bryan Collier (Illustrator)
Published: 2012
Location: Bethlehem & Monroe
"This book presents the popular poem by one of the central figures in the Harlem Renaissance, highlighting the courage and dignity of the African American Pullman porters in the early 20th century"--Publisher's description.

Dave the Potter

Author: Laban Carrick Hill; Bryan Collier (Illustrator)
Published: 2010
Location: Bethlehem & Monroe
"Chronicles the life of Dave, a 19th-century slave who went on to become an influential poet, artist, and potter"--Publisher's description.

The Blacker the Berry

Author: Joyce Carol Thomas; Floyd Cooper (Illustrator)
Published: 2008
Location: Bethlehem
"Black is dazzling and distinctive, like toasted wheat berry bread; snowberries in the fall; rich, red cranberries; and the bronzed last leaves of summer. In this lyrical and luminous collection, Coretta Scott King honorees Joyce Carol Thomas and Floyd Cooper celebrate these many shades of black beautifully"--Publisher's description.

Let It Shine

Author: Ashley Bryan
Published: 2007
Location: Bethlehem & Monroe
Illustrated versions of three well-known hymns.

The Secret Olivia Told Me

Author: N. Joy; Nancy Devard (Illustrator)
Published: 2007
Location: Bethlehem
"Olivia shares a secret with her best friend, who then lets it slip to someone else, and soon everyone knows about Olivia's secret"--Publisher's description.

Beautiful Blackbird

Author: Ashley Bryan
Published: 2003
Location: Bethlehem & Monroe
"In a story of the Ila people, the colorful birds of Africa ask Blackbird, whom they think is the most beautiful of birds, to decorate them with some of his 'blackening brew'"--Publisher's description.


Author: Bryan Collier
Published: 2000
Location: Bethlehem
"A tour of the sights of Harlem, including the Metro-North Train, brownstones, shopping on 125th Street, a barber shop, summer basketball, the Boy's Choir, and sunset over the Harlem River"--Publisher's description.

In the Time of the Drums

Author: Kim L. Siegelson; Brian Pinkney (Illustrator)
Published: 1999
Location: Bethlehem
Mentu, an American-born slave boy, watches his beloved grandmother, Twi, lead the insurrection at Teakettle Creek of Ibo people arriving from Africa on a slave ship.


Author: Leontyne Price; Leo Dillon (Illustrator); Diane Dillon (Illustrator)
Published: 1990
Location: Bethlehem
"Retells the story of Verdi's opera in which the love of the enslaved Ethiopian princess for an Egyptian general brings tragedy to all involved"--Publisher's description.

Coretta Scott King Author & Illustrator Honor Books

Last Stop on Market Street

Author: Matt de la Peña; Christian Robinson (Illustrator)
Published: 2015
Location: Bethlehem & Monroe
"Every Sunday after church, C.J. and his grandma ride the bus across town. But today, C.J. wonders why they don't own a car like his friend Colby. Why doesn't he have an iPod like the boys on the bus? How come they always have to get off in the dirty part of town? Each question is met with an encouraging answer from grandma, who helps him see the beauty -- and fun -- in their routine, and the world around them"--Publisher's description.

Nelson Mandela

Author: Kadir Nelson
Published: 2013
Location: Bethlehem
"This book presents a biography of the former South African president, best known for his political activism and fight to end apartheid"--Publisher's description.

Never Forgotten

Author: Patricia C. McKissack
Published: 2011
Location: Bethlehem & Monroe
"In 18th-century West Africa, a boy raised by his blacksmith father and the Mother Elements -- Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth -- is captured and taken to America as a slave"--Publisher's description.

The Negro Speaks of Rivers

Author: Langston Hughes; E. B. Lewis (Illustrator)
Published: 2009
Location: Bethlehem
"The famous poem, taken from 'The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes,' is accompanied by watercolor illustrations"--Publisher's description.

The People Could Fly: the Picture Book

Author: Virginia Hamilton; Leo Dillon (Illustrator)
Published: 2004
Location: Bethlehem
"In this retelling of a folktale, a group of slaves, unable to bear their sadness and starvation any longer, calls upon the African magic that allows them to fly away..."--Publisher's description.

Rap a Tap Tap

Author: Leo & Diane Dillon
Published: 2002
Location: Bethlehem & Monroe
"In illustrations and rhyme describes the dancing of Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson, one of the most famous tap dancers of all time"--Publisher's description.

Martin's Big Words

Author: Doreen Rappaport; Bryan Collier (Illustrator)
Published: 2001
Location: Bethlehem & Monroe
This picture book biography of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. brings his life and the profound nature of his message to young children through his own words.

Virgie Goes to School with Us Boys

Author: Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard; E. B. Lewis (Illustrator)
Published: 2000
Location: Bethlehem
In the post-Civil War South, a young African American girl is determined to prove that she can go to school just like her older brothers.

Black Cat

Author: Christopher Myers (Illustrator)
Published: 1999
Location: Bethlehem
"A black cat wanders through the streets of a city"--Publisher's description.

Tar Beach

Author: Faith Ringgold
Published: 1991
Location: Bethlehem
"A young girl dreams of flying above her Harlem home, claiming all she sees for herself and her family. Based on the author's quilt painting of the same name"--Publisher's description.