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CMTH 230G: Introduction to Communication Theory: About this Guide

This guide is focused on the research assignment for CMTH230G.

This guide is intended to help students with their research paper assignment in CMTH 230G Introduction to Communication Theory courses. Review the assignment prompt and basic guidelines below and then use the other pages of this guide to help you find sources related to your topic and theory.

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Research Paper Assignment - Guidelines & Reminders

For your research paper, you will:

Connect a communication theory with a particular communication phenomenon, artifact, or event (such as a movie, book, television show, website, company, speech, or historical event).

Some source guidelines:

As part of your research, you will need to use scholarly journal articles and other academic research sources to support the ideas you present about your theory and phenomenon/artifact/event. Your assignment may also ask you to include a primary source (an article or book written by the theorist who created the communication theory you are using). All of your sources should be documented and cited in APA citation format. 

Librarian advice:

It's unlikely you'll find a source that covers both a theory and your artifact. You may have more success if you search for each separately.

Review the assignment's full details in your Blackboard course site or as provided by your professor to make sure you aren't missing any other important pieces of it. 

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