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How Do I Start?

This research guide will help you with your search on resources for gun violence and gun control.

Use the tabs at the top of this page to find relevant information on books, reports, articles and web sites on this topic. 

The following reports will provide background information:

  • Gun Control: Will the GOP-led Congress further loosen gun control? (2017)
  • Gun Control: Will recent shootings spur new laws? (2016)
  • Gun Control: Will recent shooting influence gun legislation? (2015)
  • Gun Control (2013)
  • Gun Rights Debates (2008)
  • Gun Violence (2007)
  • Should the United States Adopt Stronger Gun Control Laws? (2018)
  • Should the Government Restrict Access to Assault Weapons? (2016)
  • Should U.S. Gun Control Laws Be Strengthened? (2012)
  • Does the United States Need Gun Control Reform? (2011)
  • Search for Gun Control
  • Search for Guns & Violence
  • Search for School Violence

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Search Term Suggestions

"gun control"
"gun violence"
"gun ownership"
"right to carry"
"right to bear arms"
"concealed weapons"
"Second Amendment"
"constitutional rights"
"Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act"
"Federal Assault Weapons Ban"
"National Rifle Association"
"Stand Your Ground laws"
"background check"
"gang violence"
"school violence"
Search for a specific incident (ex. Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook)