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ENGL 151R: Report Writing (+ Business Plans): Researching Parts of the Business Plan

This page includes sources that you can use to find:

  • Step-by-step guides to writing a business plan
  • Statistics/demographic information
  • Real estate properties
  • Business licenses/business forms
  • Advertising
  • Competition
  • Local business information
  • Consumer information

Getting Started: Step-by-Step Guides to Writing a Business Plan

Statistics and Demographic Information


Library Database

Real Estate / Location / Community

Business Licenses & Forms

Marketing Resources


These 4 books are on reserve at the Circulation Desk and contain information about advertising rates for different types of media. There are ad rates (how much the ads will cost) and contact information. Be sure to note that some of these books are 5 years old, so use the most recent book available.

SRDS Consumer Magazine Advertising Source - Fall 2005 (book)

SRDS Business Publication Advertising Source - December  2005 (book)

SRDS Out-of-Home Advertising Source - (book)

SRDS Consumer Magazine Advertising Source - Spring/Summer 2008 (book)

A reserve is an item that must stay in the library and is only available to you for a short period of time (usually 2 or 4 hours). You can make photocopies of the pages you need (for $0.10/page), make a digital scan for free, or take notes. To use these items, you need your student ID to check them out. 

Local Business Information

Consumer Information

Industry Information