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BIOS 115: Essentials of Biology: Scientific/Original Research Articles

This guide is designed to provide students in BIOS 115 with information on how to access library resources in the area of biology.


This research guide will provide explanations of original research articles, also called articles from scientific journal.  It will provide you with many resources that contain original research articles and  articles from scientific journals, in the form of journals located in the library's periodical collection, articles found in databases, and online journals.

There is information about the APA citation style as well.


How Research Works: Follow the Science

What are original research articles?

An original research article is based on new evidence or research from a study or experiment.  The researchers are the first to report on the findings from their experiment or study.  These articles have gone through the peer-review process which validates the results of the original research.

Generally an original research article has a standard format with the following pieces:

1. Abstract:

2. Introduction/background: overview or summary of the article, experiment or study, background for why the authors did this research

3. Methods or methodology: how was the experiment/study conducted, who or what was studied, and how many participated

4. Results: what happened as a result of the study, what are the findings

5. Discussion/Conclusion: what did the researchers observe from the experiment or study, is further study needed, did the experiment prove or disprove the hypothesis

6. References: what sources did the researchers use in the article to support their findings

7. Graphs, Charts, Tables are generally found in these types of articles

Student Workshops

Finding Original Research Articles

What do original research articles look like?