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BIOS 115: Essentials of Biology: Fnding articles in print periodicals

This guide is designed to provide students in BIOS 115 with information on how to access library resources in the area of biology.

Scientific journals in the library

The following list of scientific journals are located in the periodicals tower.

JADA: Journal of the American Dental Association

  • Table of Contents: Original Contributions

New England Journal of Medicine

  • Table of Contents: Original Articles


  • Table of Contents: Research Articles

How to find scientific journals in the library

Know Your Sources

Research Article

  • Contains an abstract (summary of the article)
  • Contains a problem statement identifying the topic
  • Tells how the research has been conducted.
  • Describes the methods used in gathering data
  • Discusses the results of the study
  • Gives a conclusion discussing the study's implications for the profession

General Article 

(summarizing a research article)

  • Tries to pull together the literature on a topic and summarize the findings of others
  • May have an abstract and conclusion
  • Does NOT contain the methods and individual steps used to conduct the original studt
  • Written for general readers in less technical language than a research article.