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SMER: Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Sciences: Randomized controlled trial

Format of the Randomized Controlled Trial

Each RCT will have similar components.






Patients/Participants Subjects/Methods/Methodology


Main Outcome Measure




How do I find a randomized controlled trial?

PubMed contains abstracts and links to full text articles.  You can search for full text articles by selecting Free Full Text under Text availability on the left side of the search results.

To search for a randomized controlled trial enter your topic and click search.

When the search results are displayed, on the left side of the screen, you will see ARTICLE TYPE, check RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIAL, see picure below



In the abstract, look for design: randomized controlled trial



How do I find a randomized controlled trial in PMC?

In the search box type "randomized controlled trial" and a specific topic that you are researching.

The results display as this:


To view the article click on PDF

Look in the design section for randomized controlled trial