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HUMA 150: Nature of the Environment: Topics

Tips for selecting your keywords

Here are some basic topics that will help you get started. These topics are only recommendations - you can choose any topic that meets the assignment requirements. Remember, for book searches a broad topic will give you a greater selection to choose from. Databases have thousands of articles, so it's best to combine the most important keywords to narrow your results. You can also use other words with a similar meaning if you would like to find more information on the topic.


Broad topic: acid rain

Narrow topic: acid rain and migratory birds

Synonym: acid deposition


Suggested topics

acid rain fossils
air pollution fracking
biodiversity glaciers
Carson, Rachel global warming
Chernobyl Disaster greenpeace
climate change groundwater contamination
coral reefs human ecology
deep sea mining hurricanes
deforestation Kyoto Protocol
dinosaurs Muir, John
drought ozone layer
earthquakes radioactive fallout
el nino Superfund
environmental ethics Three Mile Island
flooding water


forest fires wetlands