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POLS: Political Science: Data, Statistics, & Other Websites

A guide to research and information sources in political science.

Statistics and data often answer the questions "how much” or “how many.” They might appear in research articles and studies, but they are often also published directly by data collecting organizations through their websites. In general, websites (especially if they belong to government agencies, academic institutions, professional associations, regulatory agencies, and news and media outlets) might have other useful information for research, especially if your topic is very current or changing and developing in real-time.

Use this page for our suggestions of places to find data and statistics and for other online sources related to political science topics.

Data & Statistics

For the United States

For Pennsylvania

For the World

Business & Economics Statistics

Crime Statistics

Education Statistics

Health & Mental Health Statistics

Other Suggested Online Sources

See the choosing information sources page of this guide to help you determine a source's credibility and appropriateness for academic research.