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PSYC: Psychology: PSYC 265 Psychology of Sex and Gender - Bradley

This guide is intended to help students with research assignments about psychology.

For students in Professor Jennifer Bradley's PSYC 265 classes.  

Students in the Honors section of this course, you will receive an assignment to read a memoir. Please see below for memoirs that are available in the NCC Library. If you need help locating a book, just ask a library staff member!

Suggested Memoirs

Suggested Memoirs

Suggested Memoirs

Search Keyword Suggestions

The library has many books and access to articles about the topics you are discussing in class. 

Looking for violence against women?
Try the additional search keywords: domestic violence, family violence, sex trafficking, sex slavery

Looking for gender roles?

Try the additional search keywords: work-family experience, media depictions, women's roles, men's roles, male and female roles, social psychology

Looking for equality in the workplace?
Try the search keywords: equal pay, fairness, glass ceiling, sex discrimination, pay equity, wages, wealth gap

Looking for gender identity?
Try the search keywords: transgender, binary, gender non-conformity

Looking for communication?
Try the search keywords: gendering talk, gendering communication, interpersonal communication

Database Search Tips

When searching a database, be as precise and as specific as you can. Don't search for something too general, like:


You'll get lots of results - too many for what you are probably looking for. Ask yourself, what do you want to know about your topic? Is there a certain group of people or even a location that you can concentrate on? A better search strategy would be something like:


In library databases, be sure to always choose the FULL-TEXT option, so that you can read the full article on the screen.

You may also choose to check the SCHOLARLY / PEER-REVIEWED option, if your instructor requires you to find scholarly articles.

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