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Research Basics at NCC: Find Articles

Find Articles

Learn how to search the NCC Library Databases for newspaper, magazine, and journal articles.

Why use articles?

Articles are a part of a larger published work. Some articles can provide general overviews or basic facts about a topic. Others can provide information about very specific aspects of a topic or present the findings of in-depth research studies about it.

Why use library databases to find them?

Many newspaper, magazine, and journal articles can be difficult to find and access with a basic internet search. They might require a paid subscription in order to read them and may not be meant to be available to the general public. The library pays for access to these articles through our databases so you can use them for your research. Library database search results are also unbiased, which is not always the case with Google. 

You may be required to log in with your Northampton single-sign-on credentials (your student id number and Workday password) in order to use our databases off-campus or from your own device.

What Information is in a Library Database?

Library databases are digital collections of information sources, including (but not limited to):

  • Popular magazines -- best for current topics where you only need basic information.
  • Newspapers -- best for news, current, or even historical information.
  • Scholarly journals -- great for college-level research. Best when you need data, details, and original research.
  • Trade journals -- a magazine with information geared towards a specific profession or industry. Best for trends, commentary, and overviews of research.

Library databases are easily searchable by keywords and results can be filtered by date, publication, date of publication, and publisher. Most provide access to full-text articles.

A keyword search in a library database will search the titles, summaries, publication information, and full-text of articles, leading to thousands of results. Because of this, focusing your search so the results are specific and relevant to your topic is crucial.

Selecting a Database

The task of selecting a database to begin your research can be done using the library's Databases A-Z List, which shows all the databases the library subscribes to, listed in alphabetical order by name. It includes descriptions of the type of information you will find in each. You can also filter the list by subject and database type.

The Databases A-Z List can be found linked on the NCC library website under the Research section. On the Research page, in the sidebar, find the Go to Databases A-Z button. 


From there, you should arrive at the list. Here, you can filter the databases by subject or type to find ones that will work best for your topic and particular needs:

Below, you can view our video demonstrating how to use the Databases A-Z List to find one that might be a good fit for your topic and information needs:

Focusing your Search

General Subject Databases Tutorials

These databases are a great place to start your research and cover a wide range of subjects.

Current & Controversial Databases Tutorials

These databases are great for finding information on current events, controversies, and issues facing society with varying points of view on each topic.

EBSCO Discovery Service Tutorial

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