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SOCA: Sociology: SOCA 102: Cultural Anthropology

Where are Anthropology Books Located?

If you feel like browsing through our anthropology book collection, you'll want visit section GN.

However, as many aspects of cultural anthropology are cross-disciplinary, there may be helpful information in other subjects. To locate specific anthropology books, be sure to use our NCC Library Catalog.

Topics in Cultural Anthropology

In need of a research topic? Consider these:

Gender (ex. women's roles)
Marriage (ex. arranged marriages, dowry)
Family (ex. birth, polygamy)
Food (ex. growing food, gathering food)
Environment (ex. water crisis, global warming)
Fieldwork (ex. ethical issues of field research)
Labor (ex. human trafficking, sex work, child labor)
Health/Medicine (ex. global illness, HIV/AIDS)

Anthropology Websites