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Finding Literary Criticism Tutorial: Get Help

How can I get more help with research? Contact a Librarian!

Hello, we're the NCC Librarians!


Ask the Librarian Chat

Send an Email

You can contact any librarian by e-mail by sending your question to:

We can give you more detailed help if you attach a copy of your assignment to your message. Be sure to let us know the best e-mail address to reach you at, so we can send documents and sources to you if needed.

Call the Librarians

If you’d like to speak to a librarian by phone, call:

(610) 861-5359 

If you need to leave a message, be sure to include your name, phone number, course you’re taking, and your research question. One of the librarians will get back to you as soon as possible during our Research Help hours.

Meet with a Librarian

Meet with a librarian in-person or virtually for a one-on-one appointment. Your librarian can help you find sources, develop your topic, or prepare your citations. Request your Book a Librarian appointment here!


Search Our Library Q&As

The library has compiled answers to our most commonly asked questions in our Library Q&As. If you don't find what you are looking for posted there, please send us your question.

Student Workshops

Interlibrary Loan

Do you need a book for research (or even for fun) that is not available at either of the NCC Libraries? Did you find the perfect article in one of our databases, but forgot to select full-text and we don't have access to it? Don't panic - you can use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to request the book or article from another library. The best part? It's totally free! Fill out the ILL request for the item here, or inquire in person about interlibrary loan at either library. 

Research Guides

The librarians at NCC have created online Research Guides to help you get started with specific class assignments. These guides cover a wide variety of courses and subject areas, and can help you to:

Find books in the Library on your topic

Decide which are the most useful library resources and databases to use for locating your sources

Link to reliable websites with high-quality information on your topic

 Click here to see a list of the Research Guides grouped by subject area.

 Click here to see the full list of Research Guides, organized alphabetically by course, subject, and topic.

Additional Help for Specific Databases

You can find more video tutorials for our databases on the NCC Libraries YouTube channel.  

If you don't see a video on a channel for a database or resource you want to use, you may be able to find one from another channel by searching the rest of YouTube for the database name. 

NCC Learning Center

Do you need someone to read over your paper or help you with citations? Visit the Learning Center or make an appointment online today! 

The Learning Center also has many guides and handouts available to help you create organized and grammatically correct papers.