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Finding Literary Criticism Tutorial: Home

Finding Literary Criticism Tutorial

Objective:  Learn how to locate, evaluate, and apply information to complete your assignments successfully.

Instructions:  Use only the modules you need, or work your way through all of them. 

Test your new knowledge in each module sequentially, or take the complete test at the end.  Scroll down to begin!

I. What is it?

I. What is Literary Criticism?

Learn what the different kinds of literary criticism are--and what they're not!

IV. Other Online Sources

IV. Literary Criticism on the Web

Learn how to find literary criticism on the internet and evaluate it for scholarly use.

VII. All the Quizzes

VII. Test Your Knowledge

Take all the quizzes here.

II. Print Sources

II. Literary Criticism
in Books

Learn how to find print and electronic books on literary criticism in the library's collection.

V. Author Info

V. Finding Author Information

Learn how to find more information about an author's life and works.

How do I...

Get Help

Learn how to get more help with your literary criticism assignment.

III. Electronic Sources

III. Literary Criticism in Databases

Learn how to find scholarly articles on literary criticism using the library databases.

VI. Don't Forget

VI. Citing Literary Criticism

Learn how to properly cite your sources and avoid plagiarism.