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PARL: Paralegal Studies: Videos

This guide will help you locate and use legal resources owned by the Paul & Harriett Mack Library at Northampton Community College.

Video Tour of NCC Library's Legal Resources

Looking for the law books?

Paralegal students and faculty are encouraged to watch our video tour of the legal resources available at Mack Library on the Bethlehem campus.

Online Videos on Legal Topics

A variety of law-related videos may be viewed online through the Films on Demand database. If you are using the database from off-campus, you will be asked to log in with the same user name and password that you use to open your "Student Workday" account. You may view the programs listed here by clicking on each title, or you may search the database to find videos on your choice of topics.


Film: The Bill of Rights: A Living Document

Segments include: Right to Bear Arms; Right to Privacy; Rights of the Accused; Constitution: A Living Document


Film: The First Amendment

Segments  include: America’s Constitution; First Amendment Freedoms; U.S. Supreme Court and Religion; U.S. Supreme Court and Speech; Freedom of the Press; Right to Assembly and Petition


Film: It’s the Law

Segments include: Laws and Society; Types of Crimes; Personal Crimes and Property Crimes; Types of Searches; Arrests and the Miranda Warning; Booking Process; Fair and Unbiased Systems


Film: The Judicial Branch

Segments include: State Court System; District Courts; Supreme Court; How Cases Are Heard; Supreme Court Opinions; Interpreting the Constitution


Film: Judicial Opinions: The Supreme Court Justices

Segments include: Supreme Court’s Role in Governance; Writ of Habeas Corpus; Judicial Activism; Judicial Independence of Supreme Court Justices


Film: Order in the Court

Segments include: Pretrial Procedures; Arraignments and Plea Bargains; Beginning the Trial; Concluding a Trial; Sentencing; Probation, Juveniles, and Appeals


Film: Plea Bargains: Dealing for Justice

Segments include: Overloaded County Court System; Prisoners Urged to Accept Deals; Who Are Public Defenders?


Film: Public Safety, Law, and Security

Segments include: Law Careers: Paralegal; and Law Careers: Forensics Specialist


Film: Trial by Jury

Segments include: History of Jury Trials; Constitutional Guarantees; Duties of a Trial Jury; Courtroom Members; Courtroom Procedures; Jury Deliberations; Alternatives to Jury Trials

Library Orientation Videos

The NCC Library has its own YouTube channel, where you can view a variety of helpful videos on research techniques. Paralegal students should start with the topics listed below.



Searching Federal and State Statute Books by Topic -- This video uses a sample search in the Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes print books to show you how to locate a topic using the alphabetical index.



Search Purdon's Pennsylvania Statute Books by Citation -- Learn how to search the Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes print books when you have to locate a citation. What happens if your citation is not in the book? Find out here.




Search U.S. Code Annotated Books by Citation -- Learn how to search the U.S. Code Annotated print books when you have a citation. What happens if there is no pocket part? Watch the video to find out.