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BIOS 110: In Your Genes: Databases


Scholarly Journals

  • Articles are written by authorities in the field
  • Articles undergo a peer review process before acceptance for publication
  • Authors of articles always cite their sources
  • Example: New England Journal of Medicine


  • Intended for a general audience
  • Articles are written by staff reporters
  • Articles are heavily illustrated, generally with photographs
  • No peer review process
  • Articles usually do not have references or a bibliography
  • Example: Time, National Geographic


Here are some search terms that might be helpful for your research:

  • genetic adaptations
  • creationism
  • intelligent design
  • eugenics
  • genetic screening
  • genetic disease treatments
  • cloning
  • reproductive technology
  • gene therapy
  • genetically altered foods
  • genetic engineering
  • agricultural biotechnology



Library Databases with biology articles from journals and books (login required)

Library Databases with articles about controversial issues (login required)

Open Access Journal Collections (no login, all are free)