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BIOS 110: In Your Genes: Periodicals

Know Your Sources


  • Articles are written by authorities in the field
  • Articles undergo a peer review process before acceptance for publication
  • Authors of articles always cite their sources
  • Example: New England Journal of Medicine


  • Intended for a general audience
  • Articles are written by staff reporters
  • Articles are heavily illustrated, generally with photographs
  • No peer review process
  • Articles usually do not have references or a bibliography
  • Example: Time, National Geographic

Biology Periodicals in Print

You can browse these titles in the Periodcials Tower.  Most of these titles are also available online via ProQuest or EbscoHost

  • New England Journal of Medicine   (ProQuest)
  • Science (ProQuest & EbscoHost)
  • Scientific American (EbscoHost)