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BIOS 240: Microbiology: Bacteria: scientific sources

Use this research guide to find library resources for BIOS240 - Microbiology.

Bacteria sources: all scientific sources

Bergey's Manual of Systematics of Archaea and Bacteria

How to use Bergey's Manual

On the right side you will see a box that says SEARCH, click SEARCH IN THIS BOOK (red box around it).

The following search screen will be displayed, enter the name of the bacteria, and then choose full text and keyword, and then click search

The search results appear like this, and you can open the article in HTML or PDF format

Tips for searching for articles to support your research

Because your topics can be very specific, sometimes you have to think bigger.

If you used Lysol in your projects, you may have to search for disinfectants.

If you found bacteria on shopping carts or computer keyboards, then you may have to use "surface" instead of shopping carts or keyboards.