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Using Online Databases

Online databases contain articles from magazines, newspapers, journals, trade publications, and books.  The articles in these databases come in two formats: abstract and full-text.  An abstract is a summary or overview of the article, and the complete article is not available in this database.  The other format is full-text which means the entire article as it appeared in the paper journal is available to you.

When you search for articles in these databases, there are are thee things to remember.  First, you can only search using words or phrase.  These tools do not work like Google, you cannot post an entire question in the search boxes.  Another thing to remember is to mark the option to only search for full-text articles on the "search" page.  This way you will only have complete articles in your results.  The last tip to remember is when the results are displayed use the suggested topics/subjects that the database lists to retrieve articles directly related to your topic.


Search EBSCO Discovery Service

Finding articles in online databases


EBSCOhost: search various subjects related to the death care industry using the following EBSCOhost modules: SocIndex, PsycArticles, Nursing and Allied Heatlh, Associates Programs Source

Films on Demard: contains videos on death and dying, cremation, funerals, embalming

JSTOR: contains journal articles and book chapters on death dying, cremation, funerals, embalming

PMC PubMed Central: use this research for scientific and medical information on cremation and embalming

ProQuest: search various subjects related to the death care industry


Bereavement: Journal of Grief and Responses to Death