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JOUR: Journalism: Homework Help

This guide will help you find information about Journalism, including historical and current perspectives on the field, as well as how-to guides for future professionals.

Sources for Economic & Demographic Data

  Pennsylvania State Data Center website

Pennsylvania State Data Center publications "Pennsylvania Facts 2022" and

"2022 Detailed Population Estimates"


Pennsylvania Center for Workforce Information & Analysis website

Employment profiles for Northampton County and Monroe County

Lists of top 50 employers and industries in Northampton County and Monroe County


U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – Pennsylvania page

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics publication "Pennsylvania’s Economy at a Glance"


U.S. Census Bureau – Demographic data for Pennsylvania, Northampton County and Monroe County


U.S. Department of Agriculture publication

"Agricultural Statistics Annual Bulletin: Pennsylvania"



U.S. Department of Commerce website

The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis is part of the Department of Commerce. They collect data on a wide variety of economic topics, including foreign trade and investment; our gross domestic product; consumer income and spending; employment; and inflation. To locate statistics about a particular industry, go to the "Industry Facts" page and select a sector of the economy from the drop-down menu.

Corporate Financial Data

When researching an industry, it can be helpful to investigate the financial health of the leading companies in that industry. Start by looking at their most recent annual reports, 10-K forms, and other documents they are required to submit to the federal government.


EDGAR filings (U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission)


undefinedThe North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is a list that groups similar businesses together and assigns a number to each category. The U.S. government uses these classification codes to organize data collected about various industries. 

Some Library databases, such as D&B Hoover's, can be searched by NAICS code.


Where can you find NAICS codes?

The U.S. Census Bureau publishes the official NAICS Manual, and offers a searchable version on its website. You can also download the entire manual in PDF format.

The NAICS Association, a trade organization, provides a database of NAICS codes that can be searched for free.