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JOUR: Journalism: Citing Sources in Chicago Style

This guide will help you find information about Journalism, including historical and current perspectives on the field, as well as how-to guides for future professionals.

Citing Sources in Chicago Style

The Chicago Manual of Style  is published by the University of Chicago Press. It started out as a guide for professors at the University who were preparing scholarly articles and books for publication, and over more than 100 years has become a standard citation style for researchers everywhere. NCC students use it most often in Philosophy and History courses.

If your instructor has asked that you use Chicago style, and you need help constructing citations, go to the Library's "Citing Sources" page for assistance.

The NCC Librarians and Learning Center staff have collaborated to bring you a concise guide to using Chicago style, which contains examples based on the databases you will find at the NCC Libraries. To view this guide as a PDF file or to print it, click the link below.

Need more help with citations?

1) The Chicago Manual of Style has its own website, which includes a quick citation guide, list of frequently asked questions, Chicago style user's blog, and video tutorials.

2) Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL) has lots of helpful information about using Chicago style, including sample citations, video tutorials, and a tool that will automatically convert publication information into the correct format.

3) This YouTube video by Carleton University Library explains how to cite an article from an electronic journal in Chicago style.