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HIST 210: History of Modern Science: Databases & Periodicals

This Research Guide will help you find information about how science and technology have developed throughout history.

EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) -- The Super Database!

EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) is the most powerful database at the Library, allowing you to search many smaller databases all at once. Search results include:

  • Articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers;
  • Descriptions of materials in the Library's collection, such as books and DVDs;
  • Links to online resources like e-books and streaming videos.

Be sure to click the box labeled "Limit to Full Text" in order to find the entire content of articles.

Using Library Databases From Off-Campus

To log into a database from off-campus, click on the database link, then type the same user name and password that you use to open your "Student Workday" account. Once you have logged in, you will be able to navigate to other Library databases without having to type your password again during that searching session.

Finding Periodicals by Title

If you're interested in a particular journal or magazine, and want to find the Library database where it's located, use the Publication Finder. This tool allows you to search by title or subject, and will show you which database contains full-text coverage of each periodical.

Here's a brief selection of Science publications that you may view using the NCC Library's databases.


  • Annals of Science
  • History of Science
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Scientific American

Gale Science In Context

  • Earth Sciences History
  • Issues in Science & Technology
  • Science
  • Smithsonian


  • Bulletin of the History of Medicine
  • History & Philosophy of the Life Sciences
  • Technology & Culture
  • Theoria: An International Journal for Theory, History & Foundations of Science


  • Arabic Sciences & Philosophy: A Historical Journal 
  • British Journal for the History of Science
  • Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences
  • Journal of the History of Biology
  • Nature

Databases for Researching Science & History Topics

The Library databases listed below are recommended for researching a variety of topics, including Science and History. Depending upon the perspective you wish to take when writing about a topic, you may want to look for historical information, current news articles, or a combination of both. These descriptions of the databases will help you decide where to begin searching.

EBSCOhost -- Use this multi-subject database to find articles on a variety of topics from journals, magazines, newspapers and other reference sources. Most articles are available in full text. EBSCOhost is a good choice if you're looking for news articles about recent events.

JSTOR -- Contains full-text articles from periodicals covering the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, including access to some journal titles going back as far as the late 19th century. 

Opposing Viewpoints -- This database presents different perspectives on a variety of controversial issues. Resources include magazine, journal and newspaper articles, video and audio news clips, and chapters from the Opposing Viewpoints book series. Use this database if you're writing an argumentative or persuasive paper (or speech), and would like to find information in a "pro and con" format.

ProQuest Central -- Use this multi-subject database to find articles on a variety of topics from journals, magazines and newspapers. Most articles are available in full text. If you want to find articles from a specific magazine or journal, ProQuest is a good place to start. Select the "Publications" search option to locate the magazine or journal, then use the "Search Within This Publication" box to find articles about your topic.

PubMed Central -- The National Library of Medicine's archive of life sciences journal literature. Most articles are available in full text.

Salem Science -- A collection of electronic books from Salem Press covering the sciences.

Science in Context -- collection of full-text articles, images, and videos covering science topics, published by Gale.

Scientific American -- Founded 1845, Scientific American is the oldest continuously published magazine in the United States. Their website contains selected articles from the magazine, an archive of past issues, and additional online content that is not published in the print edition. Scientific American is also available in the EBSCOhost database.

Today's Science from Facts on File -- Science news written especially for students.

U.S. History: Gale in Context -- This database covers themes, events, and people from U.S. history. Resources include full-text articles, maps and images, and many primary source documents.

World History: Gale in Context -- This database covers themes, events, and people from global history. Resources include full-text articles, maps and images, and many primary source documents.