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HIST 210: History of Modern Science: Videos

This Research Guide will help you find information about how science and technology have developed throughout history.

Films on DVD

DVDs are located in the Library's Media Tower, and may be borrowed with your student I.D. card for one week. They may also be viewed on flat screen monitors located in the Media Tower study rooms.

Online Videos

A variety of films may be viewed online through the Films on Demand database. If you are using any database from off-campus, you will be asked to log in with the same username and password that you use to enter your "Student Workday" account. You may watch the programs listed here by clicking on each title, or you may search the database to find videos about your choice of topics.


History of Science series (BBC Worldwide Learning) -- Includes the following episodes:


Big Questions: The Nature of Scientific Inquiry series -- Includes the following episodes:


Modern Marvels series (A&E Television) -- Includes the following episodes: