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COLS 101: College Success: What Is Information Literacy?


Information literacy is a set of skills necessary to locate, access, evaluate, and use information in today's society.

You are information literate when you become a knowledgeable user of information.

Why Is Information Literacy Important?

  • You'll need to do research during your time here at the college. In almost every course, you'll need to find research sources to do an assignment. It's important to understand what sources are out there and how to find them.
  • You use information literacy in your every day life to make decisions: where to go on vacation, what cell phone to buy, how to get the best deal on groceries, etc.
  • On the job, you'll be expected to communicate with coworkers, gather information, make decisions, type reports, and more. Information literacy plays a big part in this as well.

Information Literacy

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