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COLS 101: College Success: Popular Magazines vs. Scholarly Journals


Popular Magazine Scholarly Journal
Advertising Lots of advertisements No advertisements
Appearance Colorful; many photos; glossy pages Plain; black-and-white text; charts and graphs
Audience Written for a general audience; audience may depend on the subject of the magazine (cars, music, gardening, etc.) Written for experts in a specific field, such as psychology, criminal justice, etc.
Author Articles are written by a journalist Articles are written by experts in that field
Content Short articles on popular subjects. Vocabulary will be easy to understand. Longer articles that often contain original research, experiments or studies. Vocabulary might be more difficult to understand, since it is specific to that field
Editing Articles are edited by a general magazine editor, someone who often has a background in journalism. Articles are edited by other experts, or peers, in that field. (These articles may be called "peer-reviewed" for this reason.)
Price Cheap. Issues might cost between $3-5, with a year's subscription around $20. Expensive. A year's subscription might cost between $100-1,000!
References There is usually no list of references/works cited at the end of the articles. There will always be a list of references that the authors used when writing their article.