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COLS 101: College Success: Learning Styles

3 Kinds of Learners

Three Kinds of Learners (using your senses)

1.    Visual – Watching or seeing

Computer assisted instruction, film & videos, charts, maps, PowerPoint presentations

If you are a visual learner and wanted to learn to spell a new word how would you most likely learn it? By writing it, seeing it in print. 

What type of instruction would be best suited to a visual learner. An instructor that provides, graphs, diagrams, charts, power point, and concept maps, computer assisted instruction, film & videos, etc. to assist learning.

2.    Auditory – Hearing or speaking

If you were an auditory learner and wanted to learn to spell a new word how would you most likely learn it?

Hearing it, repeating it out loud.

What type of instruction would an auditory learner be best suited?  Lectures, text on audio, record lectures and note reviews, discuss info with study group, talk out loud when studying.

3.    Kinesthetic/Tactile – Movement or Touching

How would a kinesthetic/tactile learner most likely learn to spell a new word?  Writing, typing, tracing your hand over the letters.

What type of instruction would best be suited to a kinesthetic/tactile learner?  Lab courses, hands-on

Regardless of your learning style, you will be required to read text, listen to lectures, and take notes and exams.  Use your strongest learning mode, however, engage all of your senses; listening, reading, discussing and writing.

Learner Characteristics


Reflective Writing Exercise

(Learning Styles)

On a separate paper or in your journal complete the following instructions.

1.    Make a chart with two columns. In the first column, list the strategies from the various learning styles that you currently use.

Currently Use

Goals to Learn to Use



  2.    In the second column, list new strategies that you will strive to learn to use this semester to utilize your learning preferences, strengthen your other modalities, and adjust to different learning environments.

3.    In paragraph form, discuss what you see as the value of learning to use a variety of learning strategies. How will this help you adjust to the learning environment in your various courses?