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HIST: History: Articles in Library Databases

What are Library Databases?

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What is a Scholarly Article / Scholarly Journal?

What are Primary Sources?

Primary sources are documents that were created at the time of an event.

Look for sources published, written, or spoken during the time period you are researching, such as:

  • newspapers
  • speeches
  • letters
  • memoirs 
  • diary and journal entries
  • photographs and drawings
  • audio or video recording

Secondary sources are are any documents that analyze an historical event or person. These will be most of your typical sources like books and articles.

History Databases

Find scholarly/peer-reviewed articles, magazine articles, newspaper articles, biographies, primary sources and more in these databases. For a full list of all the historical databases, click here

What is EBSCO Discovery Service?

EBSCO Discovery Service is a tool that allows you to search a large portion of the Library's collection using a single search box. Your search will return articles from our databases, access to ebooks, streaming videos and information on print books at both the Bethlehem and Pocono Libraries.

Search EBSCO Discovery Service

General Reference Databases

Use the following databases to find general and background information on your topic.

General Subject Databases

Search for scholarly/peer-reviewed articles on your topic, as well as newspaper, magazine, and trade articles.

Films Databases

Find full videos or segments on your topic.