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HIST: History: HIST103 Ancient and Medieval History

HIST103 Ancient and Medieval History

Students in HIST 103 Ancient & Medieval History classes can use this page for help with locating resources for their research papers.

Suggested Topics

  • Graceo-Persian War
  • Sparta
  • Everyday life 
  • Woman's role
  • Art
  • SPQR
  • Fall of the Roman Empire

Finding Books & eBooks

There are many more resources available then the ones listed on this page. These eBooks are suggestions to get you started. To find research articles on your topic, visit the Articles in Library Databases page. To find books or eBooks, visit the Finding Books or Finding eBooks pages.

Music in Ancient Greece and Rome

Author: Landels J G Staff 

Published: 2002

The Ancient World: Extraordinary People in Extraordinary Societies

Editors: Salem Press Editors; Michael Shally-Jensen

Published: 2017

Women and the Law in the Roman Empire

Author: Judith Evans Grubbs 

Published: 2002

Ancient Rome: An Introductory History

Author: Paul A. Zoch 

Published: 1998