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HIST: History: HIST 165 The American Experience of Warfare

HIST 165 The American Experience of Warfare

Students in HIST 165 The American Experience of Warfare classes can use this page for help with locating resources for their research papers.

Suggested Topics

  • Spanish-American War
  • Influence of sea power on warfare
  • The Boxer Rebellion
  • Indian Wars on the Western Frontier
  • World War I
    • Radium Girls
    • Woodrow Wilson
    • Harlem Hellfighters
  • World War II
    • Pearl Harbor
    • Cinema & Propaganda 
    • Code breakers
  • Cold War
    • Red scare
    • Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Vietnam War 
    • Anti-war protesting
  • Gulf War
  • Iraq War/War on Terror
    • 9/11
  • Society during warfare
  • Nuclear weapons

Finding Books & eBooks

There are many more resources available then the ones listed on this page. These eBooks are suggestions to get you started. To find research articles on your topic, visit the Articles in Library Databases page. To find books or eBooks, visit the Finding Books or Finding eBooks pages.

Cold War: An International History

Author: Alice L. George 

Published: 2003

Awaiting Armageddon

Author: Michael S. Foley 

Published: 2003

Confronting the War Machine

Author: William Pfaff 

Published: 2003

Fear, Anger and Failure



Radio Goes to War

Author: Gerd Horten 

Published: 2003

Pearl Harbor Reexamined

Author: Hilary Conroy; Harry Wray 

Published: 1989

The First World War

Author: Ian J. Cawood; David McKinnon-Bell 

Published: 2000

The First Cold War

Authors: Donald E. Davis; Eugene P. Trani 

Published: 2002

Working Americans, 1880-2015: Americans at War

Editor:Scott Derks 

Published: 2015