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HIST: History: HIST 163 American History II

HIST 163 American History II

Students in HIST 163 American History II classes can use this page for help with locating resources for their research papers.

Suggested Topics

  • Reconstruction
  • The New South
  • The American West
  • American labor movement
  • Steel industry
  • City & Urban life
  • Consumer society
  • Spanish American War
  • Progressive Era
  • Influenza epidemic (1918)
  • Women's Movement in America 
  • Theodore Roosevelt 
  • Travel: Canals
  • World War I
  • The Great Depression
  • The New Deal
  • World War II
  • The Cold War
  • Segregation 
  • Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Watergate
  • Native American Movement
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Gulf War

Finding Books & eBooks

There are many more resources available then the ones listed on this page. These eBooks are suggestions to get you started. To find research articles on your topic, visit the Articles in Library Databases page. To find books or eBooks, visit the Finding Books or Finding eBooks pages.

The Civil Rights Movement

Editors: Salem Press Editors 

Published: 1999

Defining Documents in American History - The American West (1836-1900)

Primary Source

Editor: Salem Press Editors; Michael Shally-Jensen 

Published: 2015

Critical Insights: Martin Luther King Jr.

Editor: Robert C. Evans 

Published: 2019

The Great Depression and the New Deal

Author: Robert F. Himmelberg 

Published: 2000

Defining Documents in American History: World War I (1914–1919)

Primary Source

Editor: Michael Shally-Jensen 

Published: 2014

Working Americans, 1880-2015: Americans at War

Editor: Scott Derks 

Published: 2015

Defining Documents in American History: Reconstruction Era (1865–1877)

Primary Source

Editor: Michael Shally-Jensen 

Published: 2014

Defining Documents in American History: The Cold War (1945-1991)

Primary Source

Editors: Salem Press Editors; Michael Shally-Jensen  

Published: 2016

Who's Who in World War II

Author: John Keegan 

Published: 2002

Awaiting Armageddon

Author: Alice L. George 

Published: 2003