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HCOA: Health Care Office Administration Program: Health Statistics

This Research Guide will help students in the HCOA program find information about diseases, medical procedures, human anatomy, and the management of health information.

Nationwide Health Data

The federal government collects a wide range of health-related data, which is available to the public. These websites will help you locate statistical information on diseases, preventive health initiatives, public health, and health care services.


Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

CDC's Healthy People 2020 project

National Center for Health Statistics

National Health Care Surveys -- Contains data on health care services provided by hospitals, emergency rooms, nursing homes, physicians' offices, assisted living facilities, and the prison system.  


State & Local Health Data

To find health-related statistics about Pennsylvania, or a particular region of the state, use the links below.


Pennsylvania Department of Health

Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's County Health Rankings 2014

U.S. News & World Report health rankings