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HCOA: Health Care Office Administration Program: Books on Culture & Health Care

This Research Guide will help students in the HCOA program find information about diseases, medical procedures, human anatomy, and the management of health information.

Books on Ethnic Groups

Books on Culture & Health Care

Words & Phrases Describing This Topic

Finding information about the relationship between culture and health care may require that you search for several different combinations of words or phrases in the Library databases. Here are some suggestions that might help. Be sure to use quotation marks to keep words together when searching for a phrase.

“cultural competence" and “health care”

“cultural competence” and medicine

“cultural pluralism” and “health care”

“ethnic groups” and “health care”

“health attitudes” and “ethnic groups”

“health attitudes” and “ethnological aspects”

“health behavior” and “ethnic groups”

“health disparities”

“medical anthropology”

“medical care” and “cross-cultural studies”

medicine and “religious aspects”

medicine and spirituality

minorities and “medical care”

“social medicine”

"transcultural health care"

“transcultural medical care”

“transcultural nursing"


You can also add the name of a specific ethnic group to any of these searches (example: “health care” and “Filipino Americans”).