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BIOS 202: Microbiology for Allied Health: Websites

Use this guide to find information on library resources for BIOS202 - Microbiology for Allied Health.

Evaluating Websites

 Critically review the Web site with the following questions in mind:

  • Who is the author(s) or sponsor(s) of the site? What are their qualifications? (Authority)
  • Is this a commerical, governmental, personal, academic Web site? (Accuracy)
  • What is the purpose of the site? (Objectivity)
  • What is the date of the information given? (Currency)
  • Is the information documented? (Coverage)

REMEMBER - not all information found on the Web is useful for college research!

Know Your Sources

Web Sites

  • Up-to-date information available on current events
  • Anyone may post anything on the Internet
  • Information may be biased or incomplete
  • Information may disappear without notice


Biology Websites