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HOSP: Hospitality Management: NAICS & SIC Codes

This research guide is intended for students in the Hospitality Management program, or anyone performing research on the hotel, restaurant, event planning, or gaming industries.

Where can I find NAICS Codes?

The U.S. Census Bureau publishes the official NAICS Manual, and offers a searchable version on its website. You can also download the entire manual in PDF format.

The NAICS Association, a trade organization, provides a database of NAICS codes that can be searched for free.


undefinedThe North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is a list that groups similar businesses together and assigns a number to each category. The U.S. government uses these classification codes to organize data collected about various industries. 

Some Library databases, such as D&B Hoover's, can be searched by NAICS code, so it may help you to know how businesses in the Hospitality industry are numbered.

Sector 72 = Accommodation & Food Services, so everything listed in this category begins with the digits "72." Here's how the categories look in D&B Hoover's: