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BUSA: Business & Marketing: Websites

This research guide is intended to help students in Marketing courses find research relevant to marketing trends and industries.

Recommended Business Websites

Annual -- Provides free access to thousands of annual reports, including those for most of the "Fortune 500" companies.


Better Business Bureau -- Consumers use this website to file formal complaints against businesses, and to investigate complaints that have been brought against companies.


Bloomberg BusinessWeek -- Full-text articles from recent issues of Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine. The "Markets" section allows you to look up data on individual stocks.


Bplans -- Offers tips on starting and marketing a business, sample business and marketing plans, starting costs, and cash flow calculators.


Currency Converter (sponsored by OANDA) -- A tool for finding the latest exchange rate for more than 160 currencies. -- An online directory of U.S. manufacturers.

Tips for Evaluating Online & Print Resources


Beware of baloney!

An important part of the research process is evaluating the quality of information you find, regardless of its physical format (print or online), or where you found it (periodicals, databases or the Internet). Be skeptical of any political organization that doesn't reveal the source of their funding. Keep an eye out for people posting their own personal opinions, without any supporting facts, in formats such as blog posts and YouTube videos. Take the time to investigate more than one side of an issue; don't rely on a single perspective.

Questions to ask when evaluating online and print sources:

·      Who are the authors or sponsors of this Web site or publication?  Is the person, agency or corporation knowledgeable in the field? [AUTHORITY]

·      Where did the information come from that is used in this Web site/publication?  Are references (“works cited”) given?  Can the information be confirmed elsewhere? [ACCURACY]

·      What is the purpose of this Web site/publication? Does it give facts or opinion? Is it biased toward one side of an issue?  Does it give different viewpoints? Is the site trying to sell a product? [OBJECTIVITY]

·      When was the information published? (Check copyright date or date last updated.) [CURRENCY] 

·      Why is this site appropriate for college work (or why not)?  Is the material comprehensive or general?  Is it written for professionals, college students, general readers or children? [COVERAGE]

 Remember: Not all information found on the Web is appropriate for college research.



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