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DENH: Dental Hygiene

Resources for Dental Hygiene Research

Source format: Journal articles

A journal is a resource that contains articles written by authors.  The articles are connected by a common theme.  The journal will have a name (title) and usually volume numbers, because the journal is published on a consistent schedule.  The articles go through a peer review and publication process.  The journal can be published in print and or electronic format as an online journal.

Examples of journals: JADA, RDH, the Journal of Periodontology.

Where do you find journals?

Journals can be found online in a database or on a publisher's website, as well as in a library print collection. 

A database is an online collection of articles from journals and/or books.

Examples of Journals: PubMed, PubMed Central, and Dentistry and Oral Science Source.

NLM Citation for a journal article found using a database follow the journal article source format. 

Publisher's website will contain the electronic or online journal. 

Dentistry Journal is an open access journal published by MDPI.  You can access issues and volumes of this journal by clicking on the name of the journal Dentistry Journal.  MDPI is the publisher and the url indicates that as shown here  MDPI is the company and publisher so the web address starts with MDPI. 

The online journal is cited using the journal article source format.

Source format: Websites and Parts of Websites

A website is a source that contains information about many things.  Generally, it is connected to an organization, educational institution, company or government entity.  A website contains many webpages or parts of the websites on topics related to the organization.  It does not have a regular schedule for updating information.  Generally, information is not peer reviewed. 

A website is part of the Internet.  Example of a website: Northampton Community College, American Dental Hygienists Association. Generally, you do not use the entire website as a reference for your assignments.  They will always be part of a website.

Part of a website is a section of the website.  The library's home page is part of the Northampton Community College's  website. 

Follow the source format for a part of a website to cite part of a website.