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DENH: Dental Hygiene

Resources for Dental Hygiene Research

Website, what is it?

Website that you would use for your dental hygiene assignments would include any information found on oral health, that is not a formal magazine or journal article. The website would contain information about an association, company, products, services, and topics.

Always use credible websites.  Read the about us section to determine the reliability of the website.

Citation pieces for a website


Author. Title [Internet]. City of publication (State two letter abbreviation capitalized): Publisher; Date of publication [cited date]. Available from:url.


Colgate Professional. Better oral health may mean better overall health [Internet]. New York (NY): Colgate-Palmolive Company; [cited 24 Jul 2017]. Available from:

Author: Colgate Professional

Title: Better oral health may mean better overall health

Place of publication: New York (NY)

Publisher: Colgate-Palmolive Company


Sometimes you might use the entire website (homepage) and sometimes you might only use parts of the website.

For additional help with locating or determining the citation pieces, please refer to the online version of Citing Medicine, specifically the section on websites, which can be found by clicking on this link:


The author can be hard to identify.  In a lot of cases, there is not an author. 

Some tips for identifying the author.  

1. Look at the web address, sometimes the name of the corporation or association will be included in the web address.

2. Look for the "about us" or "contact us" section.  It may give a name to use.

If there is not an author, then you start with the Title of the website.

More information can be found using the Citing Medicine website, specifically the following link:


The format for the title of a website is the same as the title of an article.  Only capitalize the first word and any proper nouns, such as diseases or product name.


Better oral health may mean better overall health

The title of the website is generally depicted in large font or highlighted font.  

For additional help determining the title please use the Citing Medicine guide at this link

The city of publication can be hard to find.  Sometimes you can find it in the "contact us" section.  It may also be at the bottom of the home page.

Always include the two letter state abbreviation capitalized if it is listed on the website.


city (State Abbreviation)

Chicago (IL)

The publisher and author can sometimes be confused in the identification process, and sometimes the publisher and the author are the same. 

To identify the publisher, look for a copyright statement, look in the "contact us" or "about us" section.

If the publisher and author are the same, then use the abbreviation of the organization as the author and spell out the name of the organization in the publisher location.

Here is an example, you found an information on the American Dental Hygienists' Association website, ADHA is the abbreviation. The citation would list:

the author: ADHD

the publisher: American Dental Hygienists' Association

The date of publication may not be included or easily found on the website.  Look for a copyright statement or last updated.  If you cannot find a date of publication then simple put the date cited.

Generally, you may only find the year, but if there is a month and day then use that as well.


The citation date is the date that you found the information on the website. It is displayed in the following format:

[cited 2017 Jul 25]

It is always in square brackets. It starts with cited, and is followed by the year, the month (abbreviated with 3 letters) and the date.

Simply copy the address from the address bar and paste it into your reference list.

It follows this format:

Available from: