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Citing articles found using one of the library databases such as EBSCOhost, ProQuest or EBSCO Discovery Service uses the following parts: author(s), title of article, journal name, publication date, date cited, volume issue and page numbers, and url.

With EBSCOhost and EBSCO Discovery Service, you want to use the permalink to copy the url for the article. 

In EBSCOhost, you will use the permalink as the url for the article.

When you open the PDF the article, there are symbols on the right side of the screen.  Look for this one and click on it.  You will notice the following display at the top of the article.

In ProQuest, you must click on the tab labeled Abstract/details

Scroll down the details until you see Document URL, then copy and paste it.

Journal name

Sometimes the PDF of the article will list the abbreviated name of the journal.  To find the full name of the journal, look at the detailed record for the article in EBSCOhost.  Also, you can search Google using the abbreviated name and you should be able to find the full name.

In addition, the detailed record in EBSCOhost will also give you the key pieces of the citation.  The image below shows that you are in the detailed record.  It includes the article title, the author's name, the journal name, the volume and issue, and the pages.

Sample of a citation from an article in a library databases

Here is a sample citation for the PDF version of an article that was found using the EBSCO database: Dentistry and Oral Science Source use the permalink as your web address for the article.

Example of an NLM citation for an article from EBSCOhost

Chavarry N, Vettore M, Sansone C, et al. The relationship between diabetes mellitus and destructive periodontal disease: a meta-analysis. Oral Health Prevention Dentistry [Internet]. 2016 May [cited 2010 Dec 1];7(2):107-127. Available from: e&db=ddh&AN=43248209&site=ehost-live


Note: click the link below to print a copy of this sample.