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DENH: Dental Hygiene

Resources for Dental Hygiene Research

Dental Hygiene Journals in the Library: Print

NCC Library has subscriptions to many print periodicals related to Dentistry.  All of the titles in the list can be found in the Periodical Tower shelved alphabetically by periodical title. 

International Journal of Dental Hygiene

Journal of Periodontology 

Journal of Public Health Dentistry

Journal of the American Dental Association

Pennsylvania Dental Journal

Dental Hygiene Journals: Electronic (ejournal)

What are e-journals?

E-Journals or Electronic Journals are journals that are available online through a tool other than a database.  The tool gives you the ability to search for full-text articles in many issues of the journal using keywords.  Sometimes the tool to access the online version is the publisher's website. 

When you click on the link for the e-journal, it will take you to another webpage that will indicate what issues are available to you in full-text.  There should be a tab on the webpage that allows you to "search within the journal".  After you click on this tab, then enter your search terms.  The results will be displayed.  Just look for the option of full-text or PDF to view the complete article.  You can then print the article.

Please contact a librarian if you need any help locating or viewing articles.